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Joint Stock Company TENEX is one of the world’s major suppliers of the NFC products, which provides a significant share of the uranium enrichment services required for western type nuclear reactors. TENEX is ROSATOM’s company, 100% of its shares owned by JSC Atomenergoprom holding company.


TENEX is the main organization in the Russian nuclear industry in promotion of NFC products, generated by ROSATOM entities, to the global market – uranium conversion and enrichment services, enriched uranium product.


Since 2015 TENEX has been acting as the industry-wide integrator of international sales of back-end reference products, works and services – spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive wastes (RAW) management,

decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities.


Since 2016 TENEX has expanded its business by developing trading activities on competitive energy markets in Russia and abroad.


TENEX operates to promote the interests of the Russian nuclear industry while making the best possible use of its export potential and competitive advantages in strict compliance with applicable legislation, standards for quality, safety and social responsibility.

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